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Forty thousand light years
the galaxy is burned through my sight
pushing through the system like mercury
I’m liquid in flight
I’m devoid of navigation
detect my path through the starlight
speeding through the universe
constellations focus my flight
serpantis sextonis sersinus delphinus
orion octonus andromeda poseidon
i never wanted that life my focus was lost
complicated matters weakened my heart
but its over it’s over now
I’m moving I’m moving on
I’m needed protector
the universe the universe
what has become of this deity
what of the beautiful
gone and slipped into eternity
you can’t look back your
future is no more
why does he run
has his power failed he’s indestructible
he is a man with god like strength
the faster her flies the stronger he becomes
you know you can’t go back
you know you can’t go back
further further further away
forty thousand light years
it’s so far
this black love hit so hard
yes I must fly on gonna fly away
cause you’re gonna fly on too anyway
oh I need a change of scenery
could I get some advice oh no
could I get some advice oh no
could I get some advice oh no
just a little advice oh no 

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