Young M.A "No Bap Freestyle" (Official Music Video)

Young M.A “No Bap Freestyle” (Official Music Video)

Download Young M.A “No Bap Freestyle” (Official Music Video) Ringtone

Young M.A “No Bap Freestyle” (Official Music Video)

Young M.A “No Bap Freestyle” (Official Music Video) Ringtone

Young M.A “No Bap Freestyle” (Official Music Video) Video

Young M.A “No Bap Freestyle” (Official Music Video) Lyrics

Are you tryna say we ain’t out here
Are you tryna say gang gang still out here
We still out here n—- it’s real life
I stay around my city no bap, you heard?

Postin’ on that block, my n—– deep out here (gang)
Remy got a locks still got the keys out here
Police got it hot can’t move no keys out here
So much nyp these blues can’t see no green out here
Damn these n—– snitching eating cheese out here
Like how the f— y’all still let n—– be out here
Ay still move by my lonely it’s just be out here
Ask about me and my city they like she out here

I’m the queen out here, ay
And I drop that top make sure I’m seen out here
Smoke this dope up until I choke up ain’t no green out here
We big chief out here
Exotic no red g out here
Don’t drink no lean no we ain’t leaning we tipsy out here
Hennessy out here no ain’t feens out here
Louie Vs, christian Ds double C out here
We drippin’ drippin’ that’s how we bleed out here
We got dirty money but we clean out here
Aye don’t you claim that b—- cuz she a freak out here
Quick to take your b—- yeah I’m a thief out here aye
Pistol toted lock and loaded don’t you creep out here
You won’t leave out here R.I.P out here

Put your picture on the poster save less scence out here
Police asking questions we don’t speak out here
Man b—- I’m making millions I’m barely out here
But I got them h.i.t.a.z out here (them hitz)
So I’m quick to drop a p.r.i.c.e out here
That’s a price on your head blow 50g’s out here
Stuck in traffic in that lane can’t even speed out here
I was tryna do the dash like 150 out here
Even when the sun ain’t shining and I still gleam out here
Vv’s out here can’t even see out here

Pull up to the club and make a scene out here
Just landed I’m miami I’m papi out here (no cap)
Send a dm to you b—- aye meet me out here
And I bet a 100g’s shee meet me out here
I book her flight that’s it no trick our treat out here
Never cuff a thot by any means out here
I’m bobbing weaving hoes I’m like creed out here
And b—- I’m bout my cake but nothing sweet out here
I get paid stay out the way that’s how I eat out here
No cap moneymind my business man it’s what we doin’
Not for 2019 but for the rest of out life it’s how we move
F— all that straight s— we tryna eat b—- 

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